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Party for the Planet
04/17/2010 10.00 am - 3.00 pm
John Ball Zoo -
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West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science is proud to participate in John Ball Zoo's Party for the Planet!  We will be giving away white pine seedlings during this fun, earth friendly event - be sure to visit us!  

This celebration of earth day brings the community together for an all out conservation expo at the Zoo! West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science will be among 30+ organizations, companies and experts  to help families figure out easy ways they can help save our planet’s resources in their own homes and neighborhoods. There will be music, talks, animal demonstrations, science experiments, and give-aways, too! This is a MUST DO event, so kick off spring in style…GREEN style, that is!

John Ball Zoo puts conservation first. Composting animal waste has meant 8,000 LESS plastic trash bags in landfills. Recycling water has meant reduced usage by 35,000,000 gallons. John Ball Zoo has planted over 140 trees, return grass clipping and mulched leaves to turf areas, have two structures with green roofs and are now using totally biodegradable untensils, cups and plates in our concession stand. In addition to sustainable practices, John Ball Zoo Society’s Wildlife Conservation Fund has given grants to field projects locally, nationally and internationally. The Fund has assisted in wildlife conservation projects in 38 countries and 22 states.





John Ball Zoo


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