Future Ambassador

By enrolling, you agree to our 2013 Ambassador Pledge.

I Pledge To...

  • Attend at least two school events throughout the year.
  • Spread positive words and messages about our school.
  • Wear my Ambassador shirt to events.
  • Refer other families who I believe to be a good fit for our community.
  • Help build a strong Ambassador family by collaborating and sharing ideas with other Ambassadors.
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Shirt Size

Member 2

Shirt Size

Other Information
I understand that:
  • I will receive a $100 gift for every new student I refer to the school if they enroll AND attend on Count Day.
  • This is an opt-in program and I am only eligible for participation by filling out this form.
  • In order to receive my referral gift, my name must be written on my referral's enrollment form.

As an Ambassador, you will receive the tools you need to succeed, including:

  • Exclusive Ambassador Success Guide
  • Online Tools & Email Templates
  • Recruitment Related Communication & Helpful Tips
  • Specialized Ambassador Gear
  • Brochures
  • Enrollment Packets
  • Event Fliers
  • And so much more!

Plus $100 Gift* for Every New Student Referral

* To be paid within two weeks after each respective count day (either October 2, 2013 or February 12, 2014). Only one gift per student awarded.
**Must be aligned with Academy’s goals and the curriculum of the school. Limitations may apply.

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I have worked at CMA for 10 years and I love coming to work everyday!  The Kindergartners soak up knowledge like sponges.  They are as excited to be here as I am!

Carol Sysol - Kindergarten Teacher