Character Education is a program that is taught and embraced school wide and is designed to foster the growth of respectful and socially conscious individuals. It is important because it instills and teaches moral values in children that they incorporate into their lives as adults. These skills that are learned benefit communities, schools, and society in general.

Character Traits

The Character Education program encompasses character traits, problem solving skills, positive behavior interventions and etiquette. The character traits that we focus on during the school year are taught during specific months.

September- Respect

October- Responsibility

November- Cooperation

December- Compassion

January- Good Judgment

February- Integrity

March- Perserverance

April- Citizenship

May- Courage

Each trait that is focused on is done so through school wide activities, literature, videos, music, interactive lessons, writing activities, and culminating activities. 


Each child will learn:

  • to be a person of quality character
  • that treating people with respect makes better relationships
  • to listen to what other people have to say
  • to take responsibility for their actions and environment
  • to share and compromise, learn to show appreciation for people and what they contribute
  • to be considerate of others
  • to think through the consequences of actions
  • why it is important to be truthful
  • to try again when problems arise, learn that courage will take strength and determination to do the right thing
  • that working together to make a better community and world is a good thing

Trait Incorporation

To continue the learning process at home:

  • Watch an age appropriate television program together, and talk about the various ways in which the characters acted respectfully or disrespectfully towards one another. Watch for put-downs, insults and the appropriate ways to handle these situations
  • Help your child become sensitive to his or her own behaviors or language that may be of a disrespectful nature, as he or she deals with siblings or friends
  • Choose a positive goal together and work towards it as a family
  • Help people our in your community. Remember even the smallest thing can make a difference
  • Initiate a fun project that involves all family members