Creative Montessori Academy


When you look through the window of a Creative Montessori Academy classroom, you immediately sense that something is different.

Whether in small groups or alone, children are engaged and enthusiastic about their “work” – the term Dr. Montessori used to describe the activities that await students on the classroom shelves. Their concentration is evident as they practice controlling their movements while carrying work to a table or a rug. They are intent upon completing tasks and they do so with interest and enjoyment. It is clear that, in a childlike way, they have appreciation for the materials available to them and respect for each other, their teachers, and their school environment.

At Creative Montessori Academy, we believe the kind of learning a child receives during the kindergarten year will help shape the educational experiences of his or her future. These experiences will determine their attitudes toward learning and set the foundations for success or failure in school.

Montessori Kindergarten will challenge your child, providing interesting activities and work to keep him or her engaged. Our highly qualified staff presents Montessori curriculum targeted to your child’s individual ability to help him or her learn without producing the frustration of material that is too difficult or uninteresting.

The Montessori Kindergarten approach allows students to choose the learning approach they find most accessible. Whether a child needs kinesthetic, auditory, or visual learning materials, all are available in a Montessori classroom. In the long term, children educated in Montessori schools have greater self-discipline, enjoy learning more, perform better in social situations, are more independent and have a stronger understanding of all subject areas from math to grammar.

Creative Montessori Academy provides everything your Kindergartner needs to have a positive experience with school, while at the same time learning at a level not often found in other Kindergarten settings. To provide your children with the best possible start in their education, count on Montessori Kindergarten at Creative Montessori Academy.

Concrete House

In the Concrete House, children continue to work in five distinct areas including practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language arts, and cultural arts. Children are working toward normalization, the process by which the students move into self-disciplined, organized, and focused work. Carefully prepared and beautifully displayed materials are used to captivate the child and lead to deep concentration.

Typical Day

  • AM
  • Students arrive; do journals or other morning work.
  • Large group lesson-something everyone can do such as science, geography, health curriculum, etc.  Brain Gym would be a great activity to insert here as well.  Also do calendar, weather, classroom jobs.
  • Work period (approx 40 min)- kindergarteners work in small groups with the assistant in practical life and sensorial.
  • Group snack
  • Work period- (approx 40 min) kindergarten individual language or math lessons with the teacher.
  • Lunch/Recess
  • PM
  • Large group lesson- again something everyone can do.  (Weekly reader maybe or character education)
  • Work time- all Montessori materials open to all students.  Teacher pulls students up who need an individualized lesson:
  • M, W, F Language Arts
  • T, TH  Math
  • Music and Movement and/or gross motor play
  • Large group story, Dismiss