Creative Montessori Academy

Creative Montessori Academy provideds students with an outstanding Montessori education.

When you combine highly qualified teachers that engage a student’s interest and feeds his or her natural hunger for learning with a sound curriculum that incorporates citizenship, leadership, and character development, you produce children who are ready learners, confident about their abilities, excited about achieving, and interested in becoming an active partner in the world around them.

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My own children attend Creative Montessori Academy. I know the preparation in academics, character and peace education that they receive from this school. I get to be a part of their education and the education of 800+ other children. CMA offers an environment where students are challenged to grow and develop into responsible citizens, capable of working to achieve their dreams. I am one small component of their life journey. CMA allows me to be a positive component and I am grateful to serve this school community.

- Dr. Alan Carter, Headmaster

Alan Carter