Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in our school. As Headmaster, I am proud to be the leader of such a vibrant, engaging school community. Like you, we place an excellent education for your child at the top of our list. We are best known for our ability to provide an atmosphere where a partnership between home and school is emphasized and each student’s uniqueness is cherished.

When families choose Creative Montessori Academy, they’re enrolling their children in a safe, nurturing, family-like environment that places a strong emphasis on academic success. The Montessori method and its core principles are unique, and their results are being validated daily by research as well as the extraordinary lives of Montessori graduates from all over the world.  In our five learning houses, we utilize the Montessori method to create life-long learners who are confident, self-directed and well respected.

We are proud and appreciative that families entrust us with the opportunity to educate the children of our community. Please feel free to contact us anytime or stop by for a visit. We would love to have your family join ours and experience the CMA difference.


Dr. Alan Carter