Grades 1-8

Imagination House

Grades 1-3

In the Imagination House, the goal is to spark and ignite interests through the use of the Great Lessons and timeline. The concept of cosmic education, starting with the big idea and working toward smaller ideas, is also important.

Course Topics:

Language: Foundational Reading Skills, Literary Elements, Word Study, Creative Writing, Grammar, Sentence Analysis, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Research Skills.

Math: Place Value, Numeration, Basic Operations, Fractions and Geometry

Culture: Great Lessons, Matter & Energy, Botany, Zoology, Physical & Cultural Geography

Creativity House

Grades 4-6

In the Creativity House, students continue to be guided and inspired through the framework of cosmic education. The use of the Great Lessons, timelines, and the hands-on materials are agents to propel the child into abstraction. Imagination and a love of learning are encouraged through hands-on science and research-based learning.

Wisdom House

Grades 7-8

In the Wisdom House, students learn and develop through projects. In this house, students take greater responsibility for their own learning.