Our Story

Our History

Creative Montessori Academy was authorized by Central Michigan University to provide a Montessori-based program for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. Since its beginning, the Academy has grown from 125 students to more than 630 students. The highly qualified staff is rich with seasoned Montessori teachers, many of whom have been with CMA since it became a public school academy.

For more than 25 years, prior to its transition to a public school academy, Creative Montessori Academy provided students with an outstanding Montessori education. The school leaders believed that the benefits of the Montessori Method should be available to all students, regardless of their ability to afford a tuition. The passage of the Michigan Public School Academy law provided CMA with the ideal opportunity to reach as many students as possible and encourage students who were not thriving in traditional school programs.

Creative Montessori Academy provides all children with the opportunities and resources to achieve academic success.

Teachers and administration are thoroughly trained in the Montessori Method and are committed to the Montessori education of every child. The curriculum is demanding, yet allows each student the chance to learn through self-directed pace and individual style.

CMA recognizes that complete success cannot be achieved without the support and partnership of families. Teachers, parents, and staff work as a team to develop the path the student will take. Parents are encouraged to participate in the classroom and are a vital component in all school activities, as well as in creating a safe learning environment for all.

Our school is based on the Montessori Philosophy:

  1. Children are to be respected as different from adults and as individuals who are different from one another.
  2. Children create themselves through purposeful activity.
  3. We must nurture the whole child and not just teach a body of knowledge.
  4. Students learn through exposure to many resources and through hands-on activities.