Parent Volunteering

Creative Montessori Academy believes strongly in parent participation, so they have parent volunteers in the school on a daily basis. A background check is performed on all volunteers, no matter the activity. Volunteers are always welcome to come in and help in the classrooms.  Teachers do ask that 24 hours notice is given before doing so.

Student Volunteering

Upper elementary students at CMA have buddy classes, where they tutor or read with the younger students.  Our 4-6 year students volunteer their time with the 1-3 year students, and our 7-8 year students buddy with Kindergarten.

Along with the buddy classes, CMA’s middle schoolers have been doing volunteer environmental projects in collaboration with Downriver Citizens for a Safe Environment and several other Downriver schools since 2004.  One such ongoing project is the bi-annual Benthic Testing done for the benefit of Wayne County’s Department of the Environment Watershed Management Division.  Students search through samples taken from our local watershed site, compiling a “bug census” which tells Wayne County’s scientists important information about the health of the watershed.