From Student to Teacher – Mr. Daniel Petkov

What years were you a student at CMA?

I was a student at Creative Montessori from Kindergarten through second grade, from 1995-1998. 

Where did you go to high school and college? 

I went to Riverview High School and graduated from Eastern Michigan University.

What was your main motivation to become a teacher? What do you teach at CMA? How many years have you been there? 

My main motivation to become a teacher was that I like to help people. I teach 1st-3rd grade and have been at CMA for two years now.

Why CMA? Why did you choose to come back? 

I chose CMA because I was inspired by my old teacher, Vicki Lochner. How many people can say they got to teach at their old school? 

What are some of the traditions that still exist today that were there when you were a student?

Some of the traditions that still exist today when I was a student are the Five Great Lessons and all the hands-on material such as counting the different color beads.

What is the key to motivation in your classroom? Do you have any special techniques?

The key to motivation in my classroom is using positive reinforcements throughout the year. Students really don’t like to disappoint teachers and when students are doing the right thing, a lot of students start to follow suit. 

A special technique that I offer my students is that if they finish their work plan for the week they can have lunch with me on Fridays. This really motivates them and sometimes I have half the class eating lunch with me.  

What would your colleagues say about you? 

My colleagues would say that I’m very passionate about my job and I’m not afraid to try new things. 

What would your students say about you? 

My students would say I’m awesome because I build relationships with them inside the classroom and outside the classroom. During recess, I enjoy playing basketball with the boys.

Who inspires you to do your best?

I inspire myself to be the best. I always hold myself to the highest expectations because I want to be great in anything that I do in life. Willa Crowe and Nancy Cole were huge inspirations as well. Willa was an assistant for Mrs. Lochner and Nancy Cole was a teacher.