15th Annual Art and Science Fair


On Thursday, May 16, Creative Montessori Academy had there 15th Annual Art and Science Fair! Family and friends came from near and far to experience all the amazing art and science projects that students worked on all year long.

For the art portion of the night, each classroom had one project mounted and labeled throughout the school for the art show. Below is a list of the artwork that was displayed:
Wisdom House (7th, 8th grades) created Keith Haring-style floor sculptures in groups.
Creativity House (4th, 5th, 6th) created lava lamps in chalk, painted plant still life, 3d chairs, name drawings, etc.
Imagination House (1st, 2nd, 3rd) created Monet’s Garden watercolor, torn paper owls, 3d seascapes, stormy sky paintings, etc
Concrete House (K) created watercolor resist birds, cats on a fence, etc.

“The Art Show always brings so many wonderful memories of the students creating their work with pride and they have such a sense of accomplishment,” Heidi Davis, CMA’s art teacher, commented. “Many students didn’t think that what they accomplished could be completed, but for many the finished project was stupendous and a true mark of their creativity.”

For the science portion of the night, each grade was assigned to either a project or experiment:
Lower elementary students picked a project or concept based on the materials they have learned throughout the year.
Grades 1st and 2nd had the option of either doing a science experiment or a project that demonstrates a scientific concept.
Grades 3rd through 6th completed a science project. Students could choose their projects based on their own interests and curiosities.

All of the classroom boards were displayed and parents and students enjoyed walking around, looking at all of the unique and interesting ideas. In addition, there were demonstrations that were run by students throughout the school.

“This year, we demonstrated Bernoulli’s principle with a blowdryer and a ping pong ball, made snow with the same ingredient found in diapers, and did the classic “egg-in-a-bottle” demonstration. The students had a blast!” Shannon Stacy, Science Teacher at CMA, explained.

Examples of projects and experiments that were displayed were:
Which rocket launcher will travel the farthest project
Which shampoo is best for color treated hair experiment
Which fabric structure absorbs the most liquid experiment
Which type of worm breaks down the most compost experiment
What types of dog treat do dogs prefer

Every student played an important part in the Art and Science Fair. It was amazing to see the culmination of their work come together for the success of both the art and science programs.