February Celebrations at Creative Montessori Academy

February Celebrations at Creative Montessori Academy

Creative Montessori Academy is celebrating Black History Month this year with commemorations ranging from collages to weekly facts and more!  This month is a yearly celebration recognizing African Americans’ important role in the history of this nation, and we know that our students are taking important lessons away from this observance.


School Leaders posted a collage showcasing influential figures throughout Black History including: Rosa Parks, Louis Armstrong, Jesse Owens, Nelson Mandela and many more. Teachers and students alike were inspired by this to dive deeper into Black History month, with Mrs. Anna’s class dedicating the afternoon to learn more.


Photo of Black History Month at Creative Montessori Academy showcasing historical african american figures throughout history

We have also been posting the stories of important African-Americans throughout history ranging from the first African-American filmmaker Oscar Michaeux, to the first female artist in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Aretha Franklin. Sharing these stories both in and out of the classroom highlights what every one of the students in our community is capable of. To see what else we have happening at Creative Montessori Academy be sure to follow us on social media, and keep up with our blog.

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