Empowering Educators at Creative Montessori Academy


Amazing things are happening at Creative Montessori Academy, and we are always overjoyed when we get the opportunity to share work beyond the classroom. This month brings an opportunity like no other as we take a look at Upskill Mastery Company, a local tutoring and mentoring company that specializes in testing strategies, coaching, and talent development. Upskill Mastery Company serves both Creative Montessori Academy and other schools in the Choice Schools network, and has been a huge help in ensuring our staff is as prepared as possible in their careers.


Upskill Mastery Company has partnered with us to provide tutoring services to assist teachers with passing the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). Owner and CEO of Upskill Mastery Company, Adriana Morris has been working with one of our own staff members who speaks Lebanese Arabic, a unique Arabic dialect spoken in Lebanon.


Her work includes instructing teachers on useful strategies to rely less on tools like Google Translate and more on context clues for translation. This is one of a wide variety of tools at their disposal, and Choice Schools is happy to provide resources to make this and related services available to our network schools.

This program is one of the ways we at Creative Montessori Academy try to uplift our staff as much as we do our students. A successful and happy classroom of kids starts with a successful and happy teacher, and we are proud to give that chance to everyone we encounter. For more information be sure to keep up with us on social media and visit our website for our monthly blog!

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